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Safe. Easy to use. FDA Approved. OSHA Compliant.

Used by hospitals, first responders and doctors, the SANDD mini™ is now available for home use for the first time. Now you can dispose of needles quickly and easily, in seconds. 

SANDD mini™'s micro technology incinerates needles when you insert them into the unit. The result: no more sharp ends, the needle can never be used again, and it's completely safe to dispose of in household trash. 

Small. Portable. Simple.

The SANDD mini™ uses micro-technology to make needle disposal quick and easy. Simply insert your needle into the needle port, and SANDD mini™ will do the rest. 

Easy to Use

Never worry about your family members, kids or pets being accidentally injured by a discarded needle. All you have to do is insert the needle and push the button.


Proper needle disposal is expensive, however, SANDD mini™ is affordable for home or business use.

Environmentally Conscious

By incinerating the needle, not only do you protect loved ones but also the environment, too!

Powerful. Effective.

The SANDD mini™ uses a rechargeable 11.1-volt battery to deliver an electrical current to produce an arc of electricity directed at the tip of the needle and lancet, producing a smooth tip which is now safe to discard. Bent needles are no problem as SANDD mini™ also includes a small molded port at the top, which can be used to straighten needles that are bent prior to destruction.

Peace of Mind in Five Seconds.

Needles are incinerated in less than five seconds, rendering them unable to be reused and safe to be thrown into household trash without fear of needlestick injuries to family members, kids or pets. Eliminate the risk; stop using old technology that doesn’t work for the modern world. 

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